Friday, 9 July 2010

NUC Physics Enhancement Course Day 5 (Light & Sound) - Wed 21st July 2010

Physics is fun! A lot of effort has been put into making the topics I found boring at schoolfeel so relevant in the world I live in. Delegate 

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Philip Jones said...



100% of delegates said they thought the course was either 'good or very good' with 86% saying it was 'very good'


‘Today was more challenging than previously which I enjoyed. I had to think to understand some of the concepts and experiments. I realised today that I need to fully understand key concepts before I teach them.
‘Some excellent ideas for practical again, especially making the speaker and the giant pin-hole camera.’
‘I was very wary about teaching nuclear fusion and fission. Now it is so much clearer.’ ‘Physics is getting more fun every day.’
‘The course could be made better by making it a week longer. So much fun in so little time.’
‘Today has made me aware of the variety of resources out there for teacher’s to use and how effective they are at demonstrating concepts.’
‘Excellent day. I enjoyed the interactive practicals, especially making the speaker. It is easier to grasp the concepts when learning through practicals.’
‘Light and sound can be taught in a much more interesting way than I had previously thought.’
‘The practicals were fantastic and I learnt a lot about the topic that I had forgotten about.’
‘I have learned so many experiments that I can now do with my own classes. The course has been fantastic! Phil and Neil are brilliant teachers and I have had an invaluable experience that I will remember forever.’
‘An extremely well presented course that made the subject very interesting.’
‘Physics can actually be interesting for both student and teacher.’
‘The course was fantastic, taught in such an interesting way that I don’t believe it is possible to make it any better.’
‘I have witnessed a much more engaging way of teaching otherwise boring/confusing topics.’
‘Great day!’
‘The Physics Factory has helped us to understand how topics can be poorly taught and how to teach them better.’
‘Physics if fun! A lot of effort has been put into making the topics I found boring at school feel so relevant in the world I live in.’