Friday, 9 July 2010

NUC Physics Enhancement Course Day 1 (Energy) - Tue 13th July 2010

Now I know about Energy I will be so much more aware of the world around me and able to relate everyday events to learning in the classroom. Thanks for boosting my confidence with Physics! Delegate


Anonymous said...

now I know about energy I will be so much more aware of the world around me and able to relate everyday events to learning in the classroom. thanks for boosting my confidence with Physics!

p.s would love a bit more support re misconceptions (I have many lurking I'm sure) and ways of overcoming student barriers please.

Anonymous said...

There were lots of great teaching resources which will definitely come in handy when teaching KS3 physics! Bring it on!

Philip Jones said...



100% of delegates said they thought the course was either 'good or very good' with 85% saying it was 'very good'


‘Enjoyable relaxed atmosphere. We learn a lot but it’s not too intensive’.
‘Physics was explained very well and very practical. Great demonstrations and engaging’.
‘Excellent engagement – practical work enables reinforcement of basic knowledge’
.’The topics were broken down in very good chunks which were easy to digest. They were straightforward. I feel much more confident about teaching Physics’.
‘Physics was explained very well, gave a clear understanding of aspects of Physics. I have learnt that Physics can be enjoyable if taught through practical work and related to current issues’.
‘My perceptions of Physics have changed a lot. Physics is everywhere in the world around us and coming onto the course has taken away some of the textbook type perception I had before and made Physics feel more relevant to the world around me.’
‘I feel more confident today than I was before.’
‘The course was easy to engage with as it was related to everyday activities. My perceptions of Physics have changed; I have found it interesting and more enjoyable.’
‘The course was surprisingly interesting and fun. It has helped to bring back previous knowledge and also taught me subject matter that I don’t think I was taught at school at all. Topics which I couldn’t reconcile before now make sense and their relationship with each other is much clearer. My school experiences of Physics were nothing like what I experienced today and it has really put my mind at ease with regards to teaching Physics. Today has made me realise that Physics can be taught in a more interesting way, it can be interactive and need not be scary.’


A bit more discussion on various topics which could prepare us to teach rather than just learn
More whole group discussion
A bit more discussion about misconceptions

Laura said...

Its been a great day, and now I can be confident in my ability to teach Physics. I was so unsure about so much before today. I learnt that its more about understanding the concepts than knowing everything word for word.
looking forward to tomorrow!