Friday, 9 July 2010

NUC Physics Enhancement Course Day 2 (Forces & Motion) - Wed 14th July 2010

Dr Mark Ward
Prof Carl Murray (with Chris Pope, co-director of the PTI)
The Physics Factory hosted a Prince's Teaching Institute event on Forces and Motion, featuring lectures which linked research level Physics to Newton's Laws as taught in the classroom. Our guest speakers were Dr Mark Ward (How materials are used in sports to handle force, momentum and energy), Prof Peter Watkins (Particle Physics and the Large Hadron Collider) and Prof Carl Murray (Cassini, Saturn and the Solar System)
Prof Peter Watkins

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Philip Jones said...



100% of delegates said they thought the course was either 'good or very good' with 38% saying it was 'very good'


‘A little bit too much advanced information for one day. Interesting but very intense.’
‘My subject knowledge has improved although some of the material was quite advanced (and went over my head).’
‘I learnt about space and CERN. The speaker who spoke about CERN was fantastic.’
‘It was amazing hearing from such intelligent people’.
‘The day was excellent and all the speakers were fantastic. I am now clearer in my understanding of protons and neutrons.’
‘Some information was too advanced for people with a non Physics background.’
‘There were some complex things which were difficult to understand.’
‘I will work harder to make pupils get interested in Physics so they can appreciate it more.’
‘The useful information from Neil and Philip with the ideas for practicals was good but a little rushed would have been better to have more time on this.’
‘A lot of the guest speaker’s information went over my head but I can see how some bits would be good to enrich Physics lessons and show the practical applications of Physics in the real world.’
‘I now understand my mistakes with forces. Amazingly enthused about Saturn and planets. My perception of Physics has changed; I now think Physics is excellent.’
‘Today gave an in-depth understanding of Physics above the basic knowledge I have.’
‘The day has definitely increased my subject knowledge, however less so than more structured session. This is not a negative point however, as it has inspired me to look into the topics talked about.’


Most talks were too advanced for trainee teachers.