Sunday, 8 July 2012

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 5 - Light & Sound - Wednesday 18th July 2012

I loved every second of today! Year 10 work experience student.


Matt Bradley said...

Fantastic day learning about sound and how it works. Loved the 'Singing table' speaker demo. Table came alive with sound! Improvement? Next time use, Slade, Come on feel the noise!

Physics Factory Admin said...

Subject Enhancement Course - Physics Day 5 (Energy)
100% of delegates said they thought the course was either ‘good’ or 'very good' with 88% saying it was ‘very good’.
‘I loved every second of it.’
‘ never learnt any of this at school as I had never understood it, but today was great as I learnt all the relevant things in this topic and am going back with lots of ideas on how to teach it.’.
‘I thought today was fantastic. Really good ways of explaining hard concepts, which I will definitely use.’
‘Very useful practicals, but also greatly enhanced my own understanding’
‘Some really fun and interesting ways to deliver light and sound to a class’.
‘Lots of ideas to engage different levels of students, particularly good techniques for helping lower level pupils’.
‘ I learnt a lot more about the basic concepts of light and sound. A lot of things I had forgotten’.
‘ Another enjoyable day which has underpinned my knowledge’.
‘ Good tips for teaching light and sound practically to children’.
‘ Very good activities and methods for teaching complex topics’.