Sunday, 8 July 2012

NUC Subject Enhancement Course Day 2 - Forces & Motion - Wednesday 11th July 2012

Excellent and engaging explanations for Newton's laws of motion. I previously just memorised the wordy definitions, but now I feel my understanding is where it should be for effective teaching.  Laura Balding.

I now feel a lot more comfortable about teaching forces and motion to a class and making it enjoyable. Darcie Tyler-Henley.


Matt Bradley said...

If the truth be known, physics has always been my 'second' science. However it is amazing how much you forget in 25 years, which is when I last studied physics in any depth. The past two days on this course have filled in the gaps of lapsed knowledge and corrected some badly remembered bits.
The excellent methods of delivery have shown how poor my original physics experience was in the 1980's. I can now see why some schools have had problems teaching physics in the past few years if things haven't changed since then but following the excellent advice of the staff at the PF (and nicking their ideas) I hope to make any science lesson, especially physics a 'want-to-come-back-for-more' lesson. Matt Bradley.

Physics Factory Admin said...

Subject Enhancement Course - Physics Day 1 (Energy)
100% of delegates said they thought the course was either ‘good’ or 'very good' with 83% saying it was ‘very good’.
‘I thought I had a good grasp of Newton’s 3 laws, but now I feel I have a greater grasp of what they are and how to describe/explain them using real examples. there were a few misconceptions that I had that you have helped solve for me.’
‘ Had lots of fun with the practicals, which definitely helped me understand the theory better’.
‘Great fun today’
‘Another excellent day. Thank you’
‘Provided lots of good practical demonstrations and techniques for teaching’.
‘Very good’
‘ Really good day, lots of practical work and it taught me how to address misconceptions I had about certain things, and things I didn’t realise people had misconceptions about’
‘ Great variety of practicals to show key principles’
‘ Definitely learnt a lot today that I had forgotten from school’.