Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Ogden Trust KS2 Teacher Training Event - Wednesday 25th April 2012

Fantastic, enthusiastic science teaching! Appropriate level for primary, not at all patronising. Thanks!
Such a good morning. I learnt more about forces in one morning here than the whole of my secondary education!
Kirstin Greygoose, KS2 teacher, Bidford on Avon.

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Physics factory admin said...

KS2 Training (The Ogden Trust) - Wednesday 25th April 2012
100% of delegates said they thought the course was either ‘good’ or 'very good' with 100% saying it was ‘very good’.

‘Fantastic - Very good teaching of theory to secure my knowledge and correct my misconceptions’
‘Brilliant! thank you’
‘ Fantastic - enthusiastic science teaching, appropriate level for primary (not at all patronising!) Thanks’.
‘Physics put simply yet effectively! I had fun doing physics - who would have thought it!’
‘Great fun regardless of ability’
‘the practical demonstration were helpful’
‘Learning about KS3/4 Forces - helps to put objectives into context’
‘Excellent - Great fun and learned lots’.
‘I was engaged’.

Can you identify what your future INSET needs might be in Physics?
Training for upper KS2, Lower KS3 (Prep School years 5-8) for staff
Forces KS1 and 2 (Pushes ad pulls). Using vocabulary effectively and challenging more able pupils.
Staff training, overall physics knowledge.
Working with pupils in x-curricular physics activities. Inset with staff.

KS2 for teachers
Training in practical ideas - it’s not that scary!
Support with practical experiments and addressing misconceptions. Basics for SC2,3,4.
Possibly further CPD for own subject knowledge.
Staff training in school like this - area would be decided as a group.