Monday, 7 February 2011

Handsworth Wood Girls AQA P3 Lesson - Tuesday 8th February 2011

I enjoyed all the practical activities and found every bit of the lesson interesting! Student 


Ms Woollery said...

Found the session very informative, lots of practicals, which helps to get ideas across. Throughly enjoyed it.

MissTerquoise said...

Really appreciated today's lesson at the Physics Factory since we were engaged in practical experiments throughout the whole time. Loved every minute of it!

Mrs Grant said...

Phil at the Physics Factory, really inspired and enthused the girls. Every practical was made relevant to their world. They really enjoyed the session and can't wait to come back and take part in more practical, hands on Physics.

Physics factory Admin said...


Lesson Title: AQA P3 Moments and Stability Lesson

Number of Students: 19

95% of students said they enjoyed the lesson at the Physics Factory Very much.

‘I enjoyed the practical activities of the lesson as it allowed us to engage in activities while also learning’.
“ I enjoyed doing all the activities because it was practical and every of the lesson was very interesting. it is much different than doing book work”.
”I enjoyed all of the activities, I learnt so much”.
“I enjoyed looking at the radio to make speakers. It was different from what we usually do and looked impossible, but it obviously wasn’t”.
“ I enjoyed doing the experiments and I also enjoyed learning about new things I never knew about before. I enjoyed the balancing experiment, they were fun
“ The activity I enjoyed was the five nails on top of one nail experiment as it was fascinating and seemed impossible at the first until the teacher demonstrated how”.”.

95% of students said that they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory.