Friday, 4 February 2011

Braidwood Year 8 & 9 forces and motion lesson - Friday 4th February 2011

What a great morning! The students loved today's lesson, it is the talk of the school. Our other pupils are now asking when can they go! Anne Tucker (Braidwood School)

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physics factory Admin said...


Lesson Title: Year 8 and 9 Forces and Motion

Number of Students: 13

100% of students said they enjoyed the lesson at the Physics Factory Very much.

‘I enjoyed the hovercraft because it was interesting’.
“ I enjoyed the activity with the fake snow”.
”I enjoyed all of the activities because it helped me to enjoy and learn”.
“I enjoyed the hovercraft the most because it was fun”.
“ The activity with the rocket was fun watching them move fast”.

100% of students said that they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory.