Thursday, 23 September 2010

Castle Vale Space Masterclass - Thursday 23rd September 2010

The Physics Factory at King Edward Sheldon Heath Academy opened its doors to visitors for the first time today, with Castle Vale students enjoying a masterclass on Space in preparation for their exam in November.
Modelling the Solar System

Investigating Newton's Third Law

Exploring propulsion on a Hovercraft!

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physics factory admin said...

All students rated the day Good or Very Good, with comments including:

"I enjoyed using the Hoverboard - it taught us about Newton's Third Law in an exciting and fun new way"

"I enjoyed the Solar System was practical and I feel I learn better that way"

"I enjoyed everything to be honest!"

"I thought Physics was rubbish until I came here"

Teacher comments:

"I was introduced to some great new ways to deliver aspects which I have already delivered. I now better understand Red Shift and the Doppler Effect"