Friday, 16 September 2011

Harborne Academy Year 8 Forces Lesson - Wednesday 14th September 2011

Fantastic morning, highly engaging and inspirational! M Sandhu, Harborne Academy teacher.

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Neil Drury said...


Lesson Title: Enthuse Master Class

Number of Students: 12

92% of students said that the lesson at the Physics Factory was very good, with 8% say it was good.

‘I enjoyed the activity were we had to blow up the balloons and let them go because it was not all about winning, it was just about having fun.”
“I enjoyed riding the hover board”.
”The rocket race because it was fun”
“I want to come again, I liked the rocket’.
“I enjoyed the Putt Putt boat the experiment was brilliant. I hope I can come again”.
“I enjoyed the hovercraft”.

100% of students said that they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory.