Monday, 27 June 2011

Baverstock Year 8 Forces & Motion Enthuse Lesson - Tuesday 28th June 2011

I've learnt a lot today. I never knew Physics was so interesting! Year 8 girl student from Baverstock School.
 Gabrielle Darby, Baverstock Science teacher.

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Lesson Title: Space/Forces and Motion Enthuse Lesson

Number of Students: 19

89% of students said the lesson at the Physics Factory was Very good, 100% said it was either good or very good..

‘I have learnt a lot today and I never knew physics was so interesting.”
“I found it interesting and great, fun way to learn”.
”It was a very good experience and I really enjoyed the lesson”
“I enjoyed the experiements”.
“It was really fun to do the pracicals ”
“ I thought it was great and I learnt loads”.
“ I enjoyed all of today as it made me realise how much science could be invovled in every day things”.
“I found the lesson fun and a better way f learning. The teachwe was fun”.
“ I enjoyed the activities”

100% of students said that they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory.