Friday, 11 March 2011

Hodgehill School - Edexcel P2 IAA Session - Friday 11th March 2011

20 Year 11 Students from Hodgehill Sports and Enterprise College attended the KESH Academy Physics Factory to complete their GCSE IAA assessments.

"probably the best Physics lesson I've ever had!" - Zairiul Abyden - Student

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Physics Factory admin said...

Lesson Title - Edexcel P2 IAA Compression Springs

20 students attended.

19 students rated the session 'very good', 1 'good'

17 students said the felt they learned 'a lot' from the session, 3 students 'quite a bit'

All students reported that they would like to visit the Physics Factory again.

Teacher Comments:
"engagement from the 'off'... ...I'm sure the skills the students have practiced and employed today will benefit them"

Student comments:
"The practical was very fun to do"
"the mock IAA helped me a lot"