Monday, 6 December 2010

James Brindley OCR P3 Lesson Tue 7th Dec 2010

I enjoyed the stopping distance activity, I didn't realise the distances you travel when you see, react and brake were so large! Student


Sue Smith said...

We all had a really interesting day. The pupils and I learnt a lot and did some simple yet helpful experiments.
Sue Smith (James Brindley School)

Physics Factory Admin said...


Lesson Title: OCR P3 Physics Revision Lesson

Number of Students: 4

100% of students said they enjoyed the lesson at the Physics Factory Very much.

‘I enjoyed the “stopping distance” activity, I didn’t realize the distance you travel when you, see, react and brake’.
“ I enjoyed watching the hovercraft and rollercoaster experiment. It was fun to watch but also gave a better insight into that area of physics’.
I preferred the practical experiments because there an interesting and fun way to remember the topics’.
“I enjoyed the experiment when we used an egg to simulate crumple zones as it was very visual’.

100% of students said that they would like to attend more lessons at the Physics Factory.