Saturday, 5 June 2010

BTEC Physics Training Day 1 (Wed 9th June 2010)

The whole Physics Factory team have worked really hard on our account - brilliant!
Geoff Taylor, Head of Science, Kings Norton High


Peter Jones said...

Some great ideas to supplement practicals we already do and to make learning more interactive.

Gemma Donald said...

Great practical ideas that can be applied to the new BTEC scheme. A really interactive session that provided lots of new ideas for engaging students in physics, and meeting the new criteria for BTEC.

Jen and Ann said...

Great day with brilliant practicals. Common sense approach to difficult concepts, thanks for having us!

Anonymous said...

I've had a fantastic day! All the practicals were simple and easy to do and course content was easier to understand. Thanks! shagufta

Geoff Taylor said...

What a stimulating day ...... Phil and his team have done a lot of the ground work for us working at the "chalk face". We were exposed to a range of engaging phisics practicals and ideas for us to develop in our school. Not only did I have the chance to try and evaluate some of these for myself, but the added bonus of being given details of equipment required, suppliers and costs has also saved me much time.

Can't wait for part 2 on Friday.

Thank you to all the contributors.

Philip Jones said...



100% of delegates said they thought the course was either 'good or very good' with 92% saying it was 'very good'


‘The day had lots of practical tips and advice. There was a common sense approach to teach difficult concepts.’
‘I can’t wait to get back to school and get our new shiny ‘hands on’ BTEC ready for next year.’
‘The course was ideal for me, helping me to appreciate what BTEC is all about as we are setting up the course for the first time in September. There were some very good ideas to supplement practicals we are already doing and to make learning more interactive. There were good opportunities for networking during the day.’
‘A very informative, interactive and enjoyable day. I’ve got a lot of information to take back to school. I enjoyed putting a light bulb into water and taking the temperature. I thought it would be dangerous to achieve a good result.’
‘Great to have four different people leading the course. It led to many more ideas being shared. An excellent idea to give us an equipment list with prices and codes.’
‘The practical ideas come from practicing classroom teachers so all the activities are perfect to be used without really having to change much, some great ideas!’
‘I have had a fantastic day; the activities suggested/completed were brilliant and make Physics less daunting and easier to teach. The practicals were easy to follow, the course content was broken down well and a shopping list of apparatus will be useful when buying resources next year.’
‘Good practical advice, I especially liked the worksheets with the photographs of the equipment. I found it useful the way the pass, merit and distinction criteria were broken down.’
‘The whole team has worked really hard on our account – brilliant!’
‘The BTEC training was really useful for me because it matched the current and new specification.’
‘I enjoyed doing the practicals.’
‘There was really good ideas for practicals and the assignments were clear and will be easy to adapt.’
‘I thought the ideas for experiments were very interesting and I enjoyed being able to carry out the experiments myself. I also enjoyed sharing ideas with other teachers.’


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