Sunday, 9 May 2010

KS3 Physics Training Day 4 (Electricity & Magnetism) Wed 12th May 2010


Ruth Williamson said...

Excellent ideas for practical ways of teaching electricity and magnets. Some interesting new equipment and methods in order to show things that students often find difficult to see with older methods.

J Passley said...

I learned how to perform some new exciting and interesting experiments to enthuse my pupils.

Sue Smith said...

Found ideas for experiments really useful and it helped me understand the topic better

Philip Jones said...



100% of delegates said they thought the course was very good.


‘I really enjoyed learning how to make electricity fun’
‘The course has helped me to understand about electric circuits much better and has given me good structure on how to teach the topic’
‘The Van de Graaff experiments were excellent and have helped to boost my confidence’
‘The atmosphere was brilliant during the course. It was relaxed and we were able to share ideas. The sweet model for teaching about electric circuits was excellent’
‘Excellent day – lots of useful tips and ideas on how to deliver the topics and make Physics fun’
‘It was a great day; it has really helped to boost my confidence’
‘Some good ideas about how to help pupils understand electricity’
‘I was engrossed by the sweet model of electricity’


‘KS4 Physics training – to boost my subject knowledge’

Sue Smith said...

Really found all the practical ideas useful. It also helped me to understand things better e.g. about current in electric circuits

S Kaur said...

Having attended all four sessions I feel more and more confident about Physics and the practicals involved. Thanks again Phil!

Saema said...

The day was fantastic, lots of practical tips and ideas to make teaching more fun. I would definitely attend any future events at the physics factory! Thank you Phil and Sandy!

J Dovey said...

Excellent day, really useful!

indevbedi said...

I really enjoyed the ideas with the Van Der Graaf generator. Also the sweet model to illustrate series and parallel circuits was really thought provoking. Cheers Indev Bedi